Massage Therapy

About Your Therapist


Before my career in massage, I spent 15 years working in food service. When I decided to return to school, I wanted a career that carried over some of my favorite aspects of that industry. I knew loved being of service to others, hard work, and creating a memorable experience for others. Something told me to explore massage.

From my first day in class, I knew I had made the right call. I am naturally curious, and I find the world of massage and anatomy endlessly fascinating.  Massage has and continues to help me in so many ways, and I want to pass that gift on. 

In 2017, I enrolled in the massage therapy program at Southeastern Institute in Columbia, SC. I received the honor of Student Ambassador early on and graduated with the top of my class on the Dean's Honor Roll. My time at Southeastern really started my passion for massage. Though I graduated certified in both Swedish Massage and Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy, I was ready for more.

i began work at a local and highly rated spa, where I was able to work and collaborate with very experienced therapists. I learned a lot about exceeding expectations, improving my craft, and the overall operation of a small business.

While my time at the spa was invaluable, I eventually left for a more profitable opportunity in a chiropractic office. I was always drawn to the clinical aspect of massage. I had a very diverse client base, addressing issues including  hypertension, arthritis, injury, and degenerative conditions. I loved working my clients here and seeing their progress as they gained relief.

i also began to explore other modes of relief for my clients. I attended an extensive series of courses in Thai Yoga Bodywork and became certified in the practice in December of 2019. I also began using cupping and was certified in Myofascial Cupping in December of 2019 as well.

Due to scheduling conflicts, I began working at another of Columbia's best spas late in 2019. I loved being part of a team with such a great reputation. However, I was not able to offer the full range of services I would like.

I began Stir as a small side project in early 2020. I have been blessed enough to now have an office space where I can welcome clients.  

I continue to pursue higher learning in my career and I consistently work to expand my skill set so I can offer more to clients. 

For me, massage goes beyond the table. I like to spend time with my clients before to truly understand what issues I can help with. After massage, I like to take time to clarify my findings and work with you to find external solutions. I don't just want you to book again- I want to help you develop your own tools for relief!

I understand your needs can vary even from session to session. I believe it is my responsibility as a professional to provide you with the best of my abilities, every time. Taking the time to understand my clients and build a trusting relationship only serves to optimize our time together. 

I look forward to getting to know you!



Lauren Clark

SC LMT #11023